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Our President and Master Beekeeper is also an Expert in swarm catching. If a bee colony has decided to move into your home, don't panic! Don't spray them! Call Bo Sterk. (904) 377 - 5167 Bo will catch them and move them to a new home. KEEP IN MIND: Bee removal services are not for free. It is a difficult and specialized process taking time and money to achieve a safe removal. It is a professional service. The prices vary on the degree of removal. 


You are supposed to register your apiary! Friendly & competent inspectors will check your colonies ones per year for diseases and aggressive developments. Link to the apiary inspection website:      


Saint Johns County does everything in their power to protect your honeybees. There will be no  mosquito spraying close to your apiary if you are registered! Link to the mosquito control website:

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  • Urgent if you are a beekeeper in Florida or would like to keep bees in Florida, sign up to this Beekeeping Network! Changes are being made to Florida Beekeeping on a State Level and you are needed to help shape those changes.Let your voice Bee heard if you are a Commercial Beekeeper,
    Sideliner, Backyard Beekeeper or are only interested about the Honey Bee and Beekeeping industry. Your voice matters and this is the way to be heard. Beekeepers need to stand-up and unite to save the Honey Bee and Beekeeping Industry.Go to the link below and click to SIGN Up. There is no charge to join the network. Register and you will be in the loop with FLORIDA BEEKEEPING
    You Will Make The Difference 


Selling Out - Beekeeper Retiring!

Beehives and Equipment

For Sale!

5 Frame Bee Nucs. $150/ea.

10 Frame Beehives. $175/ea.

10 Frame Beehives w/1 Super. $200/ea.

Miscellaneous Hive parts

Miscellaneous Equipment

Bulk Wax

All have 2017 queens

Recently Inspected - (FL Reg. # 0010603B)

Everything Must Go!

352-316-3060 or 352-316-5079



I have a nuc that is ready for a home and wondered if you knew anyone looking. Thanks!
If so, they can call or text me at 669-8246
Asking $120 or best offer.


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