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Why a blog instead of a forum?

The difference is that in a forum everyone can put everything online. A blog must be placed by somebody who has access to the source of the website. 


How it works.

If you want to place a blog contact the administrator and your blog will be online within 12 hours. Same procedure to cancel your blog unless its outdated because of its content. Please add your name and contacts.


Contact the administrator.

Simply send an email to: waltwieser@gmail.comor a note to: Walter Wieser 320 Coopers Cove Road Saint Augustine, FL 32095.

Antibiotics for your honeybees.


The  University of Florida Veterinary Feed Directive system is online and  active. If you need antibiotics for your bees this is required to  purchase antibiotics, or a prescription from your veterinarian.

Now we have the VFD link: working. If you don’t have a PC and/or email address then you will have  to go to a veterinarian to get the VFD to purchase antibiotics.


We made the minimum! We can buy bees at the $175.00 price. 
Nucs will have total of 5 frames. There will be 4 frames of Bees, 1 frame of foundation, between 2-3 frames of brood including all eggs and larvae and, a young laying Queen (unmarked and not caged) in a corrugated plastic reusable nuc box. Everything is included in the price.
There is still time to add to the order, if you haven’t put your name on the list yet. Please contact me and let me know by Feb 14th. We don’t have a firm pick-up date yet, but the “window” is the last week of Feb, or first week of March. I will pick up the nucs, and have them ready for dispersal at the Ag Center as soon as I get confirmed pick-up date. Now that we know that we have met the minimum, I need some money, Checks or cash please the Club is not set up for credit cards.
Make checks out to : SJCBA
Mail to: 1214 S Winterhawk Dr
St Augustine FL 32086
Drop checks off at: Southern Horticulture Nursery  (I work there)
1690 A1A South
St Augustine FL 32080

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Kim Robertson
904 540-5081


Our President and Master Beekeeper is also an Expert in swarm catching. If a bee colony has decided to move into your home, don't panic! Don't spray them! Call Bo Sterk. (904) 377 - 5167 Bo will catch them and move them to a new home. KEEP IN MIND: Bee removal services are not for free. It is a difficult and specialized process taking time and money to achieve a safe removal. It is a professional service. The prices vary on the degree of removal. 


You are supposed to register your apiary! Friendly & competent inspectors will check your colonies ones per year for diseases and aggressive developments. Link to the apiary inspection website:      


Saint Johns County does everything in their power to protect your honeybees. There will be no  mosquito spraying close to your apiary if you are registered! Link to the mosquito control website:

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